Brad Smith

Brad Smith

Nickname: Brad Smith
Profession: Director, Editor, Producer, Filmmaker, and Screenwriter
Famous For: films
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 76 kg
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Date of Birth: August 10, 1971
Age: 52
Birthplace: Sicily, Italy

Brad Smith is a multifaceted talent, known as a Director, Editor, Producer, Filmmaker, and Screenwriter from Sicily, Italy. He gained popularity for his work on Broadway, particularly for directing “Want Love?…”. Renowned for his ability to delve into the depths of human emotion and capture life’s poignant moments, Smith champions cinema as a powerful platform for voicing ideas.


Brad is 52 years old as of 2024, born on August 10, 1971. Smith is Italian by nationality, with a Zodiac sign of Capricorn. Little is known about his family and personal relationships, but Smith’s love for photography, unique adventures, and positive attitude stand out. He is an animal lover and owns a dog.


Brad attended Sapienza University of Rome.


In terms of physical appearance, Smith is incredibly smart and undeniably handsome. Standing at an impressive height of approximately 5’11” with a lean build, weighing around 76 kg, he captivates with his brown eyes and distinguished brown hair.


Despite the challenges of the film industry, Smith has proven that hard work pays off. He invests enormous efforts in everything he does, displaying a proactive attitude towards realizing his dreams. Originally known for his work behind the camera, he has become a prominent figure in the industry.

With his dashing looks, unique outfits, and debonair personality, Smith has earned fame, admiration, and recognition for his remarkable talent and work. He often shares behind-the-scenes pictures from his shoots and loves selfies, as evident on his Instagram account, bradpix, where he has 5K+ followers.

Brad Smith’s ability to make even the most insignificant things shine is a hallmark of his work. With a creative mindset, focus, and determination, he turns dreams into reality, pushing creative boundaries, and delivering unparalleled content to global audiences.

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