Gaurav Singh

Gaurav Singh

Nickname: Gaurav Singh
Profession: Actor
Famous For: television series "Panchayat."
Height: NA
Weight: NA
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black

Gaurav Singh is an emerging actor who has garnered recognition for his compelling portrayal of Chottan Singh in the third season of the popular television series “Panchayat.”


There is no information about his birthdate, age, father and mother’s names.


There is no information about his education.


There is no information about his height, weight and all.


Gaurav Singh delivers a compelling performance as Chottan Singh in the third season of “Panchayat,” portraying one of Chandrakishore’s trusted henchmen and advisors. Chottan plays a crucial role in keeping his boss in check, particularly when Chandrakishore becomes impulsive or erratic in decision-making.

In Season 3, Episode 1, viewers witness Chottan’s pivotal intervention as he prevents Chandrakishore from launching a rash attack on Phulera. His quick thinking and rationality serve as a stabilizing force, ensuring that Chandrakishore’s actions remain tempered and strategic.

Singh’s ability to breathe life into the character of Chottan Singh adds depth and dimension to the series, enhancing the dynamic between characters and contributing to the overall narrative.

Prior to his role in “Panchayat,” Gaurav Singh showcased his acting prowess in various projects. Notable among these are his portrayal of Raju in “Firangi Thakurain” and Ronit in “Night Party.” Through these diverse roles, Singh has proven his versatility and established himself as a talented actor in the industry.

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