Kusum Shastri

Kusum Shastri

Nickname: Kusum
Profession: actress
Famous For: television series "Panchayat."
Height: NA
Weight: NA
Eye Color: Black

Kusum Shastri is an actress widely recognized for her role in the third season of the acclaimed television series “Panchayat.”


There is no information about her birthdate, age, father and mother’s names.


There is no information about her education.


There is no information about her height, weight and all.


Kusum Shastri has made a notable impact in the third season of the acclaimed television series “Panchayat,” where she portrays the authoritative District Magistrate. Her character is introduced in Episode 1, where she sternly reprimands Manju Devi and her husband regarding the irregularities faced by the newly-arrived secretary at Phulera. In a powerful scene, the District Magistrate reminds Manju Devi of the futility of halting a secretary’s transfer to incite political turmoil, highlighting the importance of maintaining order and integrity in governance.

Kusum Shastri’s portrayal of the District Magistrate adds a layer of intensity and gravitas to the series, showcasing her ability to embody strong and influential characters.

Prior to her role in “Panchayat,” Shastri appeared in the films “Who Am I” and “Ghar Set Hai,” where she demonstrated her versatility and range as an actress. Her performances in these projects have established her as a talented and dynamic presence in the Indian entertainment industry.

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