Vishal Yadav

Vishal Yadav

Nickname: Vishal
Profession: actor
Famous For: television series "Panchayat."
Height: NA
Weight: NA
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black

Vishal Yadav is an emerging actor who has garnered recognition for his compelling portrayal of Jagmohan in the third season of the popular television series “Panchayat.”


There is no information about his birthdate, age, father and mother’s names.


There is no information about his education.


There is no information about his height, weight and all.


His character, Jagmohan, became widely known for creating a dramatic scenario with the help of his grandmother, in which he demanded aa newly built government-provided home from the Phulera Panchayat.

In Season 3, Episode 3, Jagmohan seeks assistance from Prahlad to persuade his grandmother to reconsider her decision to sell their current house in exchange for a newly built government-provided home. Prahlad explains to Jagmohan’s grandmother that trading away a home filled with cherished memories is not advisable, as no amount of money can replace the sentimental value of their ancestral house.

Vishal Yadav’s nuanced performance in this role has made a significant impact, making “Panchayat” his most notable credit to date. As Jagmohan, a resident of Phulera, Vishal has successfully captured the essence of a character navigating the complexities of tradition, family, and modernity.

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